Debian SMB File Shares with Active Directory Permissions

Setting up SMB file sharing on Debian with AD permissions.

1 January 202110 min read

Project Downscale: Migration

So my new home server was ready to take over from the existing server rack. Here is how I went about migrating everything over with the least downtime for vital services.

17 August 202012 min read

Threadripper Build Part 2: Storage Boogaloo

Adding ZFS bulk storage to my new ESXi Threadripper all in one homelab. Here is the journey I went through getting this to work, and the issues I ran into.

2 July 202010 min read

Building a Threadripper all in one homelab

So as part of downscaling the home lab, I needed to build a capable replacement for the existing 3 node vSAN cluster. Here’s a summary of my adventure, and the choices made along the way.

2 June 202017 min read

Project Downscale: The Plan

So it is time. I have finally decided to downscale the server situation at home. This will be a big multi-stage project, so I need to lay out end goals and steps forward.

19 May 20208 min read

State of the lab 2020

Over the last few years, my homelab has gone from zero to being out of control. Having a homelab allows me to learn a lot of skills such as networking and managing infrastructure for virtualised workloads. Here I will try and summary the lab hardware, and the software being used.

16 May 20207 min read

Multiple wireless interfaces in VyOS

During the setup of a project of mine, I ran into an issue with VyOS where I couldn’t figure out how to setup multiple wireless interfaces. So after some digging around online and some help from a few people, I figured out a way to get it up and running.

4 April 20205 min read

Homelab in your pocket

So I was just browsing reddit, and stumbled across this thing, the Fitlet 2. At first it just looked like a heatsink with antennas, so I had to look further. Turns out the specs of these things are pretty good for their form factor. This got me thinking, could this be a super portable VM host and mostly complete homelab site?

27 March 202010 min read

Sending specific traffic over VPN using VyOS

Want to use your router to send network traffic over a VPN connection, but you don’t want all of your traffic using the VPN? With VyOS, this is easy to setup using Policy Based Routing.

19 March 20208 min read

Goodbye pfSense. Hello VyOS

For a while now I’ve been meaning to switch from pfSense to VyOS for my lab routers, and had started playing around in a staging environment. I decided it’s finally time to bite the bullet and migrate the production environment.

17 March 20207 min read